CCMC Updates

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May 2018

  • CCMC Evaluation Update - May 2018: Includes recent highlights and new and re-evaluated products (French)
  • Update - CCMC MgO Board Advisory: This update to the CCMC MgO Board Advisory dated July 2017. The following documents have been revised to reflect the fact that the product GreenE-Board™ (CCMC 13417-R), manufactured by Southern Cross Technologies, Inc., is no longer included in the CCMC Registry of Product Evaluations. As of January 2018, the CCMC Evaluation Report for this product has been cancelled. Please note that all references to this product have been removed from the following Advisory.
  • CCMC 14036-R DC 315 Intumescent Coating - Technical clarification: In response to questions from Building Officials across Canada concerning the Canadian Construction Material Centre’s (CCMC) evaluation report “CCMC 14036-R DC 315 Intumescent Coating” manufactured by International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI), CCMC is providing the following technical clarification as was requested by many.