CCMC Updates

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May 2018


  • First Nations National Building Officers Association (FNNBOA)/Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Association (ACBOA) workshop. In conjunction with ACBOA, CCMC hosted a two-day workshop for FNNBOA on February 27 and 28, 2018.
  • Building Official HelpDesk. To better support building officials, CCMC has launched the Building Official HelpDesk to answer questions about the construction products included in the CCMC Registry of Product Evaluations. For more information, see the press release on the ACBOA Web site.
  • CCMC strengthens relationships with Canadian building officials. CCMC attends the meetings of the Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan Building Officials Associations.
  • CCMC MgO Board Advisory update. CCMC issues a technical briefing update to the July 2017 “CCMC MgO Board Advisory” on magnesium oxide (MgO) boards.
  • CCMC expands. CCMC welcomes engineer Mihailo Mihailovic to the national product evaluation team

- Download the full CCMC May 2018 Update. (version française - 2018 mai)