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Read FNNBOA’s response to CMHC’s new policy

CMHC’s new policy of requiring attestation from a qualified professional inspector leaves us with more questions than answers.

Members have contacted us asking what this policy means for them. Regionally, there is uncertainty as to whether CMHC will accept FNNBOA certification. Several FN organizations, including the AFN, are asking: Where was the consultation?

Read the response ...

Full Comment - FN fire traps

National Post - Cold winter weather in Canada conjures up images of skating on outdoor rinks and tobogganing. Unfortunately, it also brings fire losses and deaths, especially in First Nations communities.

This happened recently in Pelican Narrows, Sask., where two boys died in a house fire. Fire deaths among Canada’s First Nations people are the highest in North America. Read the OpEd ...

No response to deadly blaze: emergency official says fire truck wouldn't start

CTVNews - PELICAN NARROWS, Sask. — An emergency official says efforts to fight a deadly fire on a northeastern Saskatchewan reserve were hampered because a fire truck wouldn't start.

The fire tore through a home in the community of Pelican Narrows on Saturday, killing two boys, who were nine and 10. A 10-year-old girl who was pulled from the burning home is being treated in a Winnipeg hospital for severe burns. Learn more ...

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Read FNNBOA’s Latest Newsletter

Spring 2014 - (NEW) This issue features articles on Building Inspections and the failure of the status quo, President Bud Jobin’s message “Don’t let a nickel hold up a dollar” about working to the minimum standards, a recap of FNNBOA’s appearance before the Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples, and a look to the future - “teleinspection”. And, it’s membership time again - you'll find a form on the last page of the newsletter.


The FNNBOA Story

First Nations National Building Officers Association (FNNBOA) is a national nonprofit organization. It represents those individuals who provide residential, commercial and  institutional construction and renovation technical services (i.e., plans review, inspections, recommending repairs, technical advocacy and advisory role) for buildings located in First Nation/Aboriginal communities. There are approximately 250 to 300 employed in this sector.

Communities Wanted!

Does your community want to improve your housing conditions? Are you planning to improve how band homes are built? If your answer is yes, then FNNBOA would be interested in talking with you.

Over the past few years, INAC has funded projects where FNNBOA provides an overview of your building and inspection activities at no cost to the community.

If interested, please send an email to  or contact Bud Jobin at (780) 523-8357.  

Sponsors & Partners

Partners-SponsorsPartnership development is extremely important in today's complex world, regardless of whether your interests lie in finance, education, health or building homes.

Partnerships are critical, particularly so to a new organization, with ambitions like the FNNBOA.

Learn more about our partners and sponsors ...


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