First Nations National Building Officers Association

First Nations Housing and Building Crises: Management of the Change Process.

FNNBOA Special Report - The purposes of this report are to present background information on home inspections in FN communities, to understand the challenges for why many Chiefs and Councils are not exercising their governance in terms of the authority having jurisdiction, and what the authority having jurisdictions implies with respect to the construction of homes.

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Reserves want cash to enforce building codes

The Star Phoenix - January 23, 2015 - Chiefs across the country are united in calling for increased funding to enforce national building codes on reserves, Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde says. "Housing is the No. 1 issue in most First Nations communities across Canada, so it's consistent. We just need a government that is ready to listen."

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Partnership development is extremely important in today's complex world, regardless of whether your interests lie in finance, education, health or building homes.

Partnerships are critical, particularly so to a new organization, with ambitions like the FNNBOA.

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The FNNBOA Story

First Nations National Building Officers Association (FNNBOA) is a national nonprofit organization. It represents those individuals who provide residential, commercial and  institutional construction and renovation technical services (i.e., plans review, inspections, recommending repairs, technical advocacy and advisory role) for buildings located in First Nation/Aboriginal communities. There are approximately 250 to 300 employed in this sector.

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FNNBOA’s Winter 2015 newsletter is out.

This issue features an Eagle’s Eye article on a very clever solution to a common backfilling problem - when the distance from the foundation walls to the sides of the excavation is excessive, and high-porosity soils must be trucked in for backfilling, the operation is going to be expensive – say hello to backfill boards. FNNBOA President Bud Jobin talks about taking a few inspection steps forward, only to go back a few more in “Nothing’s changed”. Finally, an update from the recent FNNBOA AGM. 

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