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The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) is a part of the National Research Council of Canada. It offers the construction industry a national evaluation service for innovative non-standardized materials, products, systems and services in all types of construction. CCMC will also evaluate products that are covered under the scope of recognized standards.

CCMC provides an opinion on whether a construction product or system complies to the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada either as an acceptable solution or an alternative solution or a combination of both. Acceptable solutions are those that comply with the code's applicable requirements. The code allows the use of alternative solutions provided demonstration can be made that they achieve at least the minimum level of performance required by the objectives and functional statements attributed to the code's applicable acceptable solutions.

CCMC - Building Official Helpdesk

Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) recently launched the Building Official HelpDesk for First Nations communities. The HelpDesk is only for Building Officials and is designed to meet their needs.

Learn more about the CCMC Building Official Helpdesk.

CCMC - Product Evaluations 

The Registry of Product Evaluations contains all Evaluation Reports and Listings on products evaluated by the CCMC (over 500 products).

Indexed to the MasterFormat system used throughout North America, it is an invaluable tool for building professionals at every stage of design and construction to check plans, the acceptability of specified products, and their installation as users of the online Registry can quickly access technical and standards-related data on hundreds of evaluated materials, products and construction systems. In addition, Evaluation Reports are accompanied by illustrations.

Review a sampling of 10 Product Evaluations.

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