Subscribe now! CCMC codes and Expression of Interest in CSA Standards

FNNBOA has a subscription service with CCMC to access their building codes. We are further assessing if FNNBOA members want access to the CSA Group standards that are referenced in the national, provincial and municipal building codes at a significant discount.

Learn more about the CCMC’s codes and possible access to CSA standards subscription plan.


Coming to a community radio station near you, or downloadable to your computer or mobile device - Radio FNNBOA - a new take on housing.

Join FNNBOA to make a difference in housing quality in First Nations communities.

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Housing Decision Making Tool for Chiefs and Councils

This tool will help the Chiefs and Councils to reduce their housing liabilities, improve the quality of the homes and to make the houses last longer. View the "Housing Decision-Making Tool for Chiefs and Councils" presentation.


Partnership development is extremely important in today's complex world, regardless of whether your interests lie in finance, education, health or building homes. Partnerships are critical, particularly so to an organization with ambitions like FNNBOA.  

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Guide to Establish a Housing Authority

FNNBOA with funding from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is pleased to announce their guide entitled, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Housing Authorities and to Establish One in First Nations Communities.  The guide gives an overview on how to establish either a federal or provincial not for profit organization and how this becomes the housing authority.

Learn more about the housing authority guide

FNNBOA and CCMC in partnership

FNNBOA is pleased to announce its partnership with the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC).  Learn about the CCMC Helpdesk for First Nations communities, and detailed product evaluations.  

Read the September 2018 CCMC update

Teleinspections for First Nations Remote Communities

For most of Canada, conducting Building inspections is not a challenge.

However, conducting inspections for new homes in many First Nations is not always possible. When this happens, homes are not constructed to national building code requirements and will need major repairs in a few years. This is especially a problem in First Nations remote communities.

FNNBOA have developed teleinspections that uses electronic information and telecommunication technologies to support building code compliance. 

Learn more about teleinspections