Mould awareness materials for First Nations communities

As part of the health-promotion campaign, the Environmental Public Health Division, in collaboration with the Public Affairs, Consultation and Communications Branch marketing group, developed a number of mould awareness materials for First Nations communities. 

The goal of the campaign is to provide First Nations audiences with information to address mould and improve health. The objectives are to increase:

  • Awareness of the relationship between prolonged exposure to residential mould and the risks to personal and family health;
  • Knowledge of how to identify mould;
  • Knowledge of simple things that can be done to prevent mould; and
  • Knowledge of what can be done if a problem is found (remediation) 

The mould materials developed are:

  • A video with four short modules;
  • A corresponding booklet;
  • A poster to promote the video and booklet in communities; and
  • A web banner/button to promote the video and booklet on the Health Canada website and stakeholders websites (e.g., INAC, CMHC) 

The video shows an Environmental Health Officer working closely with a First Nations family to raise their awareness of simple things they can do to identify and prevent mould, as well as what to do if they find mould. 

The booklet contains all the information presented in the videos to reinforce the message for First Nations community members. 

These materials have been distributed to all the regional offices, which will in turn make them available to communities. Feedback from regional offices has been positive, and the response from communities is also expected to be positive.  

The booklet and video are available at    

The video has also been posted at

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